Fall of a Kingdom and Start of a New Job

The defenses of the Union rapidly crumbled under the onslaught of the Orc horde. With the crown prince dead and every fort and city crushed the Orcs had finally breached even the inner sanctum of the Union’s castle. The last few scraps and remnants of the army watched as the King refused to abandon the throne room and was slain by the Orc leader. A few soldiers managed to escape by following a member of the The Order who was there to verify the fall of one of the Rulers possessing the Bloodline.

These few soldiers, a gargoyle fighter, a changeling hellion, a human white necromancer, a dwarf alchemist, and some sort of frog alchemist, realizing they no longer had a job and the income that comes with one, and where still stuck in the middle on what was now orc territory, accepted the offer from the Seeker of the Order they escaped with to be part of her retinue in exchange for being teleported out.

This Seeker, a powerful wizard named Juniper, was a highly placed Seeker in the Order and didn’t bother with things like taking a retinue along with her on missions, but collected whatever soldiers and people of talent ended up stuck to her in order to loan them out as teams to other Seekers too new to have gathered their own retinue, or who had recently lost theirs.

After a week of orientation to The Order and their new home base in Centralle the survivors were given their first mission: assist a Seeker by the name of Rupert Thornberry in finding and eliminating a cult attempting to summon a demon in the Caim city of Shiba.

After a short trip filled only with Rupert regaling his new team of stories of the brave deeds he and previous teams had accomplished in the name of The Order and his expansive network of connections the team arrived in Shiba. Immediately splitting up Rupert, the frog and the hellion went to talk to the local government while the others stayed at the bar to gather some information.

After some interrogating and sheer dumb luck both sides of the investigation now have a name of a person who should know more about the less fortunate side of the city, a likely location of any demonic cult.

Ork Invasion 2

The fight to repel the Orcs continues, this time on the right flank of the war front. This time the Union forces were able to repel the Orcs, but at a rather large cost, losing many soldiers.

Orc Invasion

The Union has been invaded by the largest group of Orcs seen in a very long time. The first skirmish in the war took place on the left flank. What the Orc chargers lacked in variety and tactics they made up for in rage and power. Despite some valiant sacrifices from the defenders the Orcs broke through the defensive line and the Union’s left flank is in trouble allowing the Orc to begin encircling the main force and threaten the homesteads and villages of the Union.

Of particular note Sergeant Kip-Kip’s squad at the core of the fight was annihilated to a man. Nearby survivors have reported of a brave dwarf’s final sacrifice bringing two attacking orcs with him.

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