Major Kingdoms

Caim – The most expansive of the current kingdoms, and one of the oldest, Caim is a kingdom primarily of humans. Other races are not uncommon, but Caim is known to be somewhat human-centric in its laws and traditions. Caim maintains a strict monarchy with its ruler as King or Queen presiding over a full court of nobles and passing down the rulership to the eldest child of the current King or Queen. Caim has both a strong economic presence and military might. While strong economically, Caim is not particularly renowned for anything, although its military is famed for its strong Knight orders.

Arioch – The oldest of the current kingdoms Arioch is home to elves. The largest exception to the general religious views of Arcadia Arioch is theocracy headed by its ruler, the High Priest. Arioch believes that Arcadia was created by a single Creator who then left to create other worlds of beauty. They believe this Creator was an elf and intended for elves to be the primary race and that other races are similar to weeds that have sprouted up in the grand landscape of Creation. Due to this outlook Arioch is an extremely xenophobic country. Regardless of their outlook the quality of their craftsmanship and strength of their military is undeniable.

Reonaru – A kingdom consisting mostly of mountains, with its cities often being more underground than they are above Reonaru is called home by many Dwarfs. The cities and organizations of Reonaru are largely independent with its ruler, the Regent, called on only to judge on large disagreements between significant groups. Economically Reonaru is focused entirely on the excavation of metals and precious gem and the craftsmanship of said materials. While no races are particularly excluded from Reonaru, between its environment and economic focus it has little appeal to most other races. Militarily, Reonaru is known for its siege combat and defensive mindset.

Angelus – Less a single kingdom than a unified set of tribes Angelus is the primary home of many varied races. Each race has its own habits from controlling a single bustling city to a nomadic lifestyle. Independence is key to the cooperation of the races of Angelus with each sending a representative to the Council to determine the law of the land. The Council is headed by its ruler, the Grand Chieftain. With the race the Grand Chieftain is from often receiving the most benefit it is unsurprising that Angelus tends to have its ruler and any of his or her family die unexpectedly more often than other kingdoms.

Furiae – Located in the most densely forested area of Arcadia Furiae is one of the most self-sufficient and closed off kingdoms. Furiae views strength and power in all their forms as being far more important than race. Ruled by its ruler, the Matriarch, and consisting of a very matriarchal society Furiae is not a particularly wealthy kingdom, but responds violently to any other kingdom that crosses it.

Verdelet – Perhaps the smallest of the kingdoms Verdelet consists only of a single city set around, in, and under a large mountain. Home to inventors, tinkers, and researchers of all kinds Verdelet is where most of the gnomes of Arcadia can be found. With little oversight from any sort of regulatory system Verdelet is a chaotic place, with its ruler, the Overseer, merely gaining the prime research laboratory. While Verdelet has no military to speak of, its small size and the dangerous of invading such a chaotic place have kept it safe for a long time.

Seere – Another sizable kingdom Seere is primarily a mercantile kingdom and favors only money, not race. The merchant groups of Seere are always ready to trade with anyone and everyone that can net them a profit. Seere produces little of its own, but nearly dominates the inter-kingdom trades.

The Union – One of the more recent kingdoms The Union was founded on the concept of acceptance of anyone. This has caused it to be one of the more racially diverse kingdoms as it has attracted many individuals who don’t fit in with the kingdom of their birth. While only a minor power both economically and militarily its far northern position makes it less than desirable as a place to conquer.

Northern Wastes – Not even a kingdom at all the Northern Wastes are a stretch of barren land located in the northernmost reaches of Arcadia and called home only by roving tribes of Orcs. These Orcs lack any kind of leadership and tribes simply follow the strongest individual merging and breaking apart on a regular basis.

Major Kingdoms

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